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Pediatric and obstetric health leaders from Stanford Children’s Health and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford are frequently highlighted in local and national media for providing world-class, extraordinary care to children and expectant mothers. Following is a sampling of these media appearances.

Attacking food allergies PBS NewsHour 5/11/15. Feature segment with Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, on food allergy clinical trials and research taking place at the Sean Parker Center for Food Allergy Research at Stanford.

To prevent whooping cough in newborns, vaccinate pregnant moms Reuters 5/12/15. Yvonne Maldonado, MD, provides comment.

Can strep trigger mental illness in kids?  Daily Beast 5/12/15. Kiki Chang, MD, provides comment.

Study of outcomes for early preemies highlights complex choices for families and doctors Scope  05/11/15. In this blog post, Henry Lee, MD, discusses recent findings that very premature infants are more likely to survive at some hospitals than at others.

The evaporation of child health policy in the U.S.  1:2:1 podcast, 05/11/15. Paul Wise, MD, discusses the problems facing child health policy in this discussion with Paul Costello, chief communications officer at the School of Medicine.

Stanford Stadium Dinner for the hospital  SJ Mercury 5/6/15. Recap of May 1 gala that raised two million dollars for the hospital and child health programs.

In drought-stricken California, hospitals strive to use less water Modern Healthcare 05/13/15. This article focuses on the efforts of hospitals to reduce water. It quotes Krisanne Hanson, director of sustainability at Stanford Medicine.

What really causes autism?  Yahoo 05/12/15. Joachim Hallmayer, MD, is quoted.

The ABCs of better sleep Huffington Post 5/6/15. Rafael Pelayo, MD, provides insight.

Existing drug may treat the deadliest childhood brain tumor  NBC Bay Area 5/14/15; Science Blog; Medical Xpress; Health News Digest. NBC segment featured patient story and interview with senior study author Michelle Monje, MD, PhD.  Also various online coverage stemming from study published in Nature Medicine.

Aiming to reduce eye injuries  Dallas Morning News 05/04/15. Recent study led by Douglas Fredrick, MD, finds eye injuries from BB guns, pellet guns and other non-powder firearms have become more common in recent years in U.S. kids.

Implanted pump helps heart-failure patient graduate  Medical Design Technology; Health Canal 5/5/15. Teen patient, TJ Balliao shares story of choosing to stay on ventricular assist device so he can finish high school on time.  David Rosenthal, MD is quoted throughout.

Existing drug may treat the deadliest childhood brain tumor  Nature Medicine; Press Release, various other media 5/4/15. For the first time, scientists have identified an existing drug that slows the growth of the deadliest childhood brain tumor. Michelle Monje, MD, PhD is senior author of the paper.

A polio-like paralysis in children Discover Magazine June, 2015.  Keith Van Haren, MD discusses the late-2014 outbreak of a polio-like illness called acute flaccid myelitis, which has affected kids across the U.S. Email for a copy of this article.

John Muir Health opens PICU, first in Contra Costa county CBS-5 5/1/15. Segment introducing JMH’s new PICU, highlighting some of the advanced technology available. Deb Franzon, MD comments during the segment.

Parents see protests as a teaching moment for their children  The Baltimore Sun 5/2/15.

Victor Carrion, MD is quoted in this article, advising parents and caretakers on the importance of giving children context of a protest situation.

Psych beds for teens lacking  Palo Alto Daily Post 5/1/15, email for a copy. Inquiry regarding how the hospital handles mandatory psychiatric holds without dedicated psych beds for children and teens. This conversation will continue with local papers to explore the broader issues of mental health, distressed youth and providing effective resources to the community.

E-Cigarettes Pose Alarming Risks for Children  SJ Mercury News, 4/24/15. Robert K. Jackler, MD authored this article

Eye injuries in children from non-powder guns on the rise, new study says  Scope 4/28/15.
Eye injuries from BB guns, pellet guns and other non-powder firearms have become more common in recent years in U.S. kids, according to a recent study led by Douglas Fredrick, MD.

San Mateo family looks to give back amidst their 5-year-old daughter’s battle with cancer  Mercury News 4/28/15. Patient family was interviewed at the hospital about their daughter Joysse’s battle with ALL, and their efforts to fundraise for low-income families at Packard affected by cancer. Krysta Schlis, MD is quoted in the article, which was featured in several Bay Area News Group outlets.

New insights into internal scarring present in pulmonary fibrosis  Pulmonary Fibrosis News 04/22/15. A drug used to treat diabetes could prevent severe scarring, according to a recent study led by Michael Longaker, MD.

Men now have an app to track their sperm  Buzzfeed 04/23/15.A new app allows men to monitor their reproductive health. This article quotes Michael Eisenberg, MD.

Transplant Coordinator’s effort to raise awareness around organ donation featured on KTVU’s Bay Area People 5/2/15. Clip not currently available. See Facebook post here

In recognition of a social media challenge to recognize the importance of organ donation. 

Kids with Dangerous Heart Arrhythmias Receive Lifesaving Support from High-Tech, Implantable Devices  Reuters; Spoke; Bloomberg 4/21/15.  Press release, highlighting a teenage patient living with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, ICD, a surgically placed device that continuously monitors a patient’s heart rate. Anne Dubin, MD, and Lauren Schneider, PsyD, comment.

Why babies don't have freckles  Yahoo Parenting 4/10/15. Joyce Teng, MD, is featured in this article explaining when freckles show up, what triggers them and the importance of protecting baby’s skin.

Meds trump therapy recommendation for treating ADHD 04/20/15.
New findings suggest when it comes to treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, a lot of kids are getting the medications they need, but they may be missing out on other treatments. Heidi Feldman, MD, PhD, is quoted.

John Muir Health opens first pediatric ICU in Contra Costa County  Bay Area News Group 4/20/15. Part of the SCH network, our new jointly-operated PICU at JMH opened for business this past week.

Barry Behr, PhD recently conducted interviews about an FDA-approved test available at the Fertility and Reproductive Health Center, improving accuracy in IVF.

From Costa Rica to Stanford: Pediatric liver transplant surgeon shares his story  Scope, 4/9/15. In a recent lecture, Carlos Esquivel, MD told the tale of his rise from Costa Rican medical student to renowned pediatric transplantation surgeon. 

Annual Autism Symposium April 18th at Stanford  KGO radio (no clip available) 4/17-4/18/15.

Carl Feinstein, MD interviewed on what could be expected from the event.

Pediatrics and obstetrics to close at Gilroy hospital Gilroy Dispatch 4/14/15. Pediatric and obstetric units at Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy will shut their doors within 90 days to cut costs. Packard was mentioned as being a location that residents will need to travel to for specialized care.

Heart of Gold: The Kevin Murphy story   Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area, 4/20/15. An update on the story of Kevin Murphy, now a high school track star. He received a heart transplant in 2009.

Showing support for organ donations  Napa Valley Register 4/16/15. Melanie Merrill-Kennedy, PA in the liver transplant program, posed a social media challenge to encourage showing support for organ donation.  Her letter to the editor was published on their website.

Name Dropping: Team G Fighting for a Cure  Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/11/15. Bass Center patient story. Harvey Cohen, MD, PhD, Sandhya Kharbanda, MD, and Krysta Schlis, MD, are featured.

Stanford investigators are at the forefront of concussion research  Stanford Alumni Magazine 4/6/15. As public concern about brain injuries intensifies, Stanford bioengineers and clinicians join forces in a drive to understand and prevent concussions. Gerald Grant, MD, provides insight.

Students learn about dangers of sleep deprivation 
ABC 7 News 04/10/15. Students from Menlo-Atherton High School recently paid a visit Stanford Sleep Medicine Center to learn about the dangers of sleep deprivation. Rafael Pelayo, MD was featured in this segment.

Superhope for the superkids  Yahoo Maktoob 4/11/15. In this article about the nonprofit Superhope, our hospital is mentioned as their first event location in the U.S.

The road to making polio a disease of the past  Huffington Post 4/9/15. Yvonne Maldonado, MD, authored this post for the Global Motherhood section of the Huff Post blog.

Shaping the hospital of the future   Becker’s Hospital Review, 4/1/15. In this new Q&A, Christopher G. Dawes discusses the growth of our hospital and network.

Unraveling the mystery of chronic pain  Radio New Zealand 4/1/15. Elliot Krane, MD, was featured guest on thirty-minute radio segment.

Sherri Sager, Women of Influence 2015  San Jose Business Journal 4/3/15. SJBJ announces Sherri Sager, Chief Government & Community Relations Officer, as one of the 2015 Women of Influence.  A profile and Q&A with Sherri is featured in the special section of the Business Journal’s website, dedicated to the honorees.

Chief Medical Officer roundtable: the high-quality care conundrum  Becker’s Hospital Review 4/1/15. Dennis Lund, MD, our new chief medical officer, is a featured CMO in this roundtable Q&A.

Stanford Children's Outpatient Facility and Reproductive Health Center coming to Sunnyvale  SJ Mercury 4/8/15.Our new facility in Sunnyvale is set for completion in May 2016. The facility will have specialties in orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, pediatric development, child and adolescent health, and more. Robert Dicks, senior director of media relations is quoted.

Researchers find ways to automate the insertion of needles  The Economist 4/9/15. The article sites a study in 2013 by the hospital and School of Medicine, which found that over half the attempts to place a central venous catheter in children failed on the first go.

Louanne Hudgins, MD, FACMG elected to Board of American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics  Reuters; Indianapolis Business Journal 4/2/15. Members of the ACMG Board of Directors serve as advocates for the ACMG and for forming and advancing its policies and programs. ACMG is the national organization for the medical genetics profession.

Hidden enemy: Emerging form of poliovirus threatens hopes for eradication

Stanford Medical Center Report; Health Canal; Bioscience Technology; Medical Xpress; Drug Discovery & Development 4/3/15-4/6/15. A newly recognized form of poliovirus has emerged from one of the vaccines being used to eradicate the paralyzing illness. Our Yvonne Maldonado, MD, and others are studying how to solve the problem.

Nation's leading public health researchers, scientists endorse California, New York sugar drink warning label bills  EIN Presswire 4/8/15. Leading public health scientists and researchers announced their support for bills in California and New York to require warning labels on soda and other sugar drinks to inform consumers of the risk of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay from excessive consumption. Thomas N. Robinson, MD, MPH, is one of the 34 scientists endorsing the letter.

Gilroy tot Stella Arde received a life-saving donor liver  Gilroy Dispatch 4/2/15. The story of a recent liver transplant recipient.

Locals help Ronald McDonald House expand   Almanac News 4/9/15. The hospital expansion is mentioned throughout the article, patients are highlighted and the expansion is referenced.

Students suffering from eating disorders find lack of campus resources  The Stanford Daily 04/03/15. The Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program is referenced as a partner resource with Stanford’s CAPS program for students with eating disorders.

Palo Alto school district to hire mental health therapists  Palo Alto Weekly 04/03/15.
The Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday night to hire two full-time licensed mental health therapists as soon as possible. Shashank Joshi, provides comment in this article.

The national pain strategy is released National Pain Report 4/2/15. Sean Mackey MD, PhD, is quoted.

Santa Clara woman with thanks CF center for successful journey to adult care  Yahoo; Nueva Economica; Dallas Morning News 3/31/15. Internally developed story and press release about a patient’s successful transition to adult care.

Autism Symposium, April 18  Mercury News; Boston Globe; Reuters 3/31/15. Announcement of the hospital sponsored event at Stanford University.

Our pediatric transplant programs are #1 in America   Press release, Yahoo, Reuters, our blog and other media nationally, 3/26/15. Newly released data confirm that we are once again the national leader in pediatric organ transplantation. Drs. Carlos Esquivel and Kenneth Cox provide comment along with Deb Strichartz, administrative director of the pediatric transplant center.

Children’s liquid medicines should be measured in metric units  Yahoo!, Reuters, Fox News various online media, 4/30/15. Robert Poole, director of pharmacy, comments.

Making sex ed fun  iHeart Radio, 3/25/15. Nurse Julie Metzger discusses our popular “Heart to Heart: A Seminar on Growing Up for Parents and Kids

WWE stars deliver smiles   FOX-2, Bay Area News Group, NBC Bay Area, 3/25/15. WrestleMania comes to the Bay Area, and our kids received a visit from some of the stars.

How to make a sustainable hospital   Popular Mechanics, March issue (not available online, email us for a copy). This article notes the water-saving features of our new main building and expansion.

The importance of health parenting sessions   MedPage Today, 3/27/15. Sophia Yen, MD, provides comment.

Debut of new East Palo Alto health care center  Palo Alto Online 3/26/15. The hospital is mentioned as coordinator for the new centers’ pediatric mental health crises.

Marijuana Legalization in California: ACLU-Gavin Newsom panel releases road map on the issues  SJ Mercury 3/26/15. Seth Ammerman, MD, is referenced.

Two North Bay teachers hailed for life-saving heroics  KTVU 3/24/15. We are the hospital caring for a young boy brought here after being resuscitated by his teachers.

7-year-old girl's kidney injury caused by shoelace accident  ABC Bay Area, Chicago, Philly, New York; Yahoo! Good Morning America; Good Housekeeping 3/6-3/11.  Patient story about a local child who tripped over her shoelaces and fell, injuring her kidney. Hsi-Yang Wu, MD provided comment on her case.

Diversity of pediatricians has not kept pace across the U.S. 3/9/15
Fernando Mendoza, MD, who surveyed U.S. pediatric department chairs, is quoted.

Pediatric surgeon Dennis Lund to become Stanford Children's Health chief medical officer  Reuters; Becker’s Hospital Review; Yahoo 3/9/2015. Press release announcing Dr. Lund as new chief medical officer.

Dr. Kenneth Cox steps down from CMO role Becker's ASC Review 3/9/15. Mention of Ken Cox, MD, being succeeded by Dennis Lund, MD, as CMO.

Stanford Children's Health names Dana Haering CFO  Becker's ASC Review 3/9/15. External media announcement of Dana Haering’s recent appointment as CFO.

Comprehensive Neuromuscular Clinic named Certified Duchenne Care Center by PPMD   U-T San Diego; Reuters; Bloomberg 3/6/15. Our clinic is the eighth center to be certified by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) .

Exotic micropumps and gels offer hope for hearing disorders  Scientific American 3/11/15. Robert Jackler, MD, provides comment.

Speakers focus on women's issues at Los Altos American Association of University Women Event  Los Altos Online 3/4/15. Sophia Yen, MD, is featured.

At iHT2-San Francisco, Healthcare IT Leaders see a long data analytics journey ahead  Healthcare Informatics 3/3/15. Jonathan Palma, MD, is quoted.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Quiz –what it does and doesn't mean  NPR 3/2/15. Hilit Kletter, PhD, clinical instructor of psychiatry, provides comment.

A look at stem cells and "chemobrain"  Scope 3/3/15. Michelle Monje, MD, PhD, provides insight.

Mom asks Facebook users to send birthday wishes to son in hospital  KRNV 3/10/15. About a 17-year-old brain surgery patient whose mom reached out to the media for birthday wishes.

Baby with rare heart defect saved by innovative surgery  Bloomberg; Reuters; Scope 2/26/15. Press release Phoenix newborn who received lifesaving surgery through the work of a team led by Frank Hanley, MD. 

Study: Exposing infants to peanuts may prevent peanut allergies  KQED-FM  02/25/15.
Sharon Chinthrajah, MD was a featured guest during this segment.

Fertility and reproductive health services now offered at Stanford Children’s Health Reuters; California Healthline; Pagina de Noticias; Pharmacy Choice; La Bolsa 02/23/15. Press release announcing the move of the Infertility and Reproductive Health Services Team from Stanford Health Care to Stanford Children’s Health.

Bariatric surgery may improve pregnancy outcomes for obese women, 02/25/15. John Morton, MD is quoted.

WWE offers unique experiences to fans  Bloomberg; Miami Herald, Yahoo;; 2/26/15. WWE announcement of the launch of Superstars for Hope, a fundraising campaign on a crowd funding platform, to benefit LPCH. Christopher G. Dawes is quoted in the press release.

Peanut news, in perspective (blog) 2/27/15. Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, puts new research into perspective with Q&A.

Is marijuana less harmful than alcohol, tobacco?  NBC 2/25/15. Seth Ammerman, MD, medical director of the teen health van, is quoted, reaffirming the AAP’s opposition to legalization.

Panelists tell community: listen more, listen deeply  Palo Alto Online 2/26/15. Shashank Joshi, MD, and Steven Adelsheim, MD, are featured.

Valley Children's Hospital NICU performs the highest level of care Fresno Bee 2/28/15. LPCH is named as working closely with them on transplant cases.

Neuroscience in court; the painful truth  Nature, 2/25/15. Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, provides insight.

Conjoined twins separated in Texas  Food World News, 2/24/15. LPCH was mentioned as having a past successful separation of conjoined twins.

Hormonal Changes in the First Trimester of Pregnancy  ModernMom 02/25/15. Hospital is cited as information source.

Cochlear implants give young boy with Down Syndrome a new lease on life Yahoo; CNBC; 2/4/15. Internally developed patient story. Kay Chang, MD and John Oghalai, MD are quoted.

Researcher's wearable electronics study could lead to better MRI imaging  Phys.Org 02/16/15. Researchers are collaborating with radiologist Shreyas Vasanawala, MD.

Cancer patients get superhero transformations KNTV 2/13/15, 2/14/15 (not available online).
Coverage of a Recreation Therapy & Child Life event with nonprofit SUPERHOPE.

Kim Roberts honored with 2015 Tribute to Women Award  AP;; Morningstar 02/12/15. Kim Roberts is one of thirty-six women selected to receive a 2015 Tribute to Women Award.

Are local doctor’s offices seeing change in vaccine behavior due to current measles outbreak?  CBS 5, 2/12/15 (not available online). David Wanderman, MD of Peninsula Pediatrics Medical Group and Stanford Children’s Health interviewed.

Community, district organize forums to discuss student wellness  Palo Alto Online 02/14/15.
The hospital is mentioned as partnering with community organizations for events about student wellness.

A Nut a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Mountain View Voice, 2/6/15. Article about the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research at Stanford.  Whitney Block, NP is quoted.

Big Data Redefines the Traditional Scientific Methods Used in Medicine  Tech Republic; Yahoo 2/12/15. Jennifer Frankovich, MD and Atul Butte, MD, are featured.

Childhood obesity: Educating parents is most important  San Jose Mercury News 02/13/15 Opinion article authored by Thea Runyan, MPH.

Board of Directors at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford appoints two new members  TMCnet 02/06/15. Press release announcing the addition of Elaine Chambers and William S. Thompson to the Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2015.

Several studies have examined the effect of sugar on behavior and found no evidence of a real “sugar high” ZocDoc (blog) 2/6/15. Tom Robinson, MD, MPH is quoted.

Hospitals launching pilots of Apple health tech  Reuters; Yahoo; GlobalPost; 2/5/15
LPCH is mentioned in association with a pilot program of Apple's HealthKit service.

Annual Hunger Action Summit: "Food as Medicine: The Intersection of Hunger and Health" Santa Clara Weekly, 2/4/15. The advocacy work of Lisa Chamberlain, MD, MPH, is mentioned.

Vaccine efforts focus on shot-shy parents SF Chronicle 2/2/15. Yvonne Maldonado, MD, is quoted in the front page article.

Stanford launches major effort to expedite vaccine discovery with $50 million grant SF Business Journal; SCOPE 1/29/15. Yvonne Maldonado, MD, and Atul Butte, PhD, are mentioned.

American Academy of Pediatrics report opposing marijuana legalization NY Times; Chicago Tribune; Science Times 1/26-1/28/15. Position authored by Seth Ammerman MD, opposing legalization of recreational and medical marijuana use because of the threat it poses to the health of children and adolescents.

Case illuminates immune system-psychiatric disorder link Medical Xpress 1/26/15. Story of one patient’s case of reaching a diagnosis through our PANS clinic.

3 signs that you kid is too old to see a pediatrician The Stir 1/26/15. Neville Golden, MD, provides insight for parents of tweens and teens.

Measles outbreak in California  KQED 1/23/15. Yvonne Maldonado, MD phoned into KQED’s Forum as an expert on infectious diseases.

In addition, Dr. Maldonado also provided a media Q&A about the pertussis (whooping cough) epidemic in California.  Issued as a press release on 1/21, picked up by various online media outlets.

Integrating mindfulness into regular curriculum in the Ravenswood City School District  San Jose Mercury News; Palo Alto Weekly; CBS5 1/21/15. New program/study launch event on 1/21.  Victor Carrion, MD, study lead is mentioned and quoted.

Many of state's smallest babies not referred for follow-up care, study finds  Health Canal and various online media outlets 1/23/15. Summary of study findings from SOM led by Susan Hintz, MD.

Local teen fighting stigma about Tourette’s Syndrome  SJ Mercury; Inside Bay Area 1/16/15. Article profiles a San Mateo teen working to ease stigma around the condition.  Anita Kishore, MD provides comment.

Grandparent classes teaches old hands new baby routines  SF Chronicle; Scope 1/20/15. Chronicle article interviews Marilyn Swarts, program co-creator and co-leader, as well as two participants.

Expansion project celebrates structural completion milestone
  Yahoo; Yahoo Mexico; Reuters; various online publications 1/21/15. Coverage of Jan. 14 topping off ceremony and sharing details on the plan and vision for the expansion program.  

Teen travels 3000 miles for life-changing “stealth surgery” 
Healthier, Happy Lives 1/21/15. Story highlighting a case correcting a 19 year-old girl’s torticollis (wry-neck) condition via stealth surgery technique performed by Sanjeev Dutta, MD.

Facts about being pregnant and overweight  Health24 1/19/15. Deirdre Lyell, MD, provides insight.

If your toddler ‘W’ sits you may need to take a closer look  The Stir (Café Mom) 1/16/15. Samantha Dutrow, PT, DPT, CSCS, physical therapist is quoted.

Environment, not genes, dictates human immune variation, study finds  NY Times;; SF Chronicle; Inside Stanford Medicine; Science Daily; Health Canal; EurekaAlert 1/15/15. Cornelia Dekker, MD, study co-author is mentioned.

More collaboration among clinicians may reduce medical errors
  American Journal of Managed Care  1/20/15. Summarizing recent study published in JAMA, Lauren Destino, MD is quoted

Local  high school wrestling champ is better than ever after LPCH surgery  CalHi Sports 1/12/15. Television story about local student athlete who found a solution for his lifelong leg deformation (verrucous hemangioma) with Rohit Khosla, MD.


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