In the News - 2014

Pediatric and obstetric health leaders from Stanford Children’s Health and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford are frequently highlighted in local and national media for providing world-class, extraordinary care to children and expectant mothers. Following is a sampling of these media appearances.

CDC: HPV vaccine rates for teens unacceptably low   KQED Forum, 8/5/14
The CDC released a study recently stating that less than half of American teens receive the HPV vaccine. Sophia Yen, MD, provides insight.

Heart-lung transplant gives Bay Area preteen a second chance at life   NBC Bay Area, 7/31/14
Jeffrey Feinstein, MD, was featured.

High-risk birth specialists save Salinas baby   ABC-7, 7/23/14
Karl Sylvester, MD, and Jane Chueh, MD, were interviewed.

Microchip to ID Type 1 diabetes developed by Stanford team   San Francisco Chronicle, 7/14/14
Researcher and pediatric endocrinologist Brian Feldman, MD, PhD, was featured.

‘Lipstick girl’ gets birthday wish: A double lung transplant   KTVU-2, 7/11/14
Carlos Milla, MD, was interviewed.

Population boom leads to fast moves for Silicon Valley hospitals   Silicon Valley Business Journal, 7/4/14
President and CEO Christopher G. Dawes was quoted.

Food allergy treatments for kids show promise   NBC News, 7/1/14
Allergist and immunologist Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, provides insight.

Obesity before pregnancy links to earliest preterm births, Stanford/Packard study says   Inside Stanford Medicine, 6/27/14
Study lead author Gary Shaw, PhD, and obstetrician Deirdre Lyell, MD, were quoted.

Is it an anxiety disorder or just anxiety?   Everyday Health, 6/25/14
Child psychologist Sanno Zack, PhD, was quoted.

Changes on the way for the South Bay hospital landscape   San Jose Mercury News, 6/25/14
President and CEO Christopher G. Dawes was quoted.

Pulmonologist treats rare, ‘1 in a million’ lung disease   KRON-4 (not available online), 6/16/14
Pulmonologist Nanci Yuan, MD, provides comment.

Extraordinary user-generated videos help spread Stanford Children’s Health awareness   PR Week, 6/16/14
Chief Marketing Officer Jeannine D’Addario was quoted.

Palestinian boy walks for the first time, thanks to orthopaedic and rehab services teams  Yahoo! News, 6/4/14
This segment features Hadi Alkhadra, a 6-year-old boy from Palestine who was able to stand on his feet and walk for the first time, thanks to a successful surgery performed by Lawrence Rinsky, MD, and care from Rehabilitation Services. Hadi suffered from a condition known as arthrogryposis and other orthopaedic deformities that prevented him from walking.

Fresh sunscreen ingredients stuck in FDA backlog  San Francisco Chronicle, 5/19/14
Pediatric dermatologist Latanya Benjamin, MD, provides comment.

Big Data treasure trove from routine medical checkups   Wall Street Journal, 5/13/14
Rheumatologist Jennifer Frankovich, MD, is quoted and referenced.

Teen Health Van founder receives distinguished Jefferson Award   CBS-5, 5/9/14
Adolescent medicine specialist Seth Ammerman, MD, receives a Bay Area Jefferson Award for his work as the medical director of Mobile Adolescent Health Services.

Healthcare providers fortify children’s services   Silicon Valley Business Journal, 5/8/14
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford was mentioned.

Mysterious brain illness triggers psychotic behaviors   KPIX-TV, 5/7/14
Rheumatologist Jennifer Frankovich, MD, provides comment.

Rape-prevention program cuts sexual assaults in Kenya
   Reuters, 5/2/14
Infectious-disease specialist and senior author Yvonne Maldonado, MD, is quoted in this article.

Stanford scientists describe autism discoveries   San Jose Mercury News, 4/23/14
Antonio Hardan, MD, associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, is featured.

Stanford Children’s health purchases Sunnyvale building, expansion plans under way   Silicon Valley Business Journal, 4/23/14
Ken Cox, MD, was quoted in this article.

Misdiagnosed as Bipolar: Stanford doctors make bold diagnosis and treatment   San Jose Mercury News, Bay Area News Group, 4/20/14
Rheumatologist Jennifer Frankovich, MD, and adolescent psychiatrist Kiki Chang, MD, comment.

Neurosurgery saves Campbell boy   ABC-7, 4/16/14
Michael S.B. Edwards, MD, and team saved the life of a 2-year-old Campbell boy hit with a sudden and deadly brain disorder.

Button batteries continue to pose health risks for children  The Seattle Times, 4/9/14
ENT specialist Peter Koltai, MD, comments.

Kids who don’t cry: New genetic disorder discovered   CNN, 3/20/14
Geneticist and study co-author Gregory Enns, MD, was quoted.

Doctors still hunting for the sources of ‘polio-like’ illness   San Francisco Chronicle, KQED Forum, 3/20/14
Neurologist Keith Van Haren, MD, provides comment in these interviews.

Parents in India put baby in an icebox to save his life   Babble, 3/20/14
Neonatologist Vinod Bhutani, MD, provides insight.

Dietary changes used as autism remedies   San Francisco Chronicle, 3/19/14
Child and adolescent psychiatrist Antonio Hardan, MD, provides comment on this trend. 

Secondhand smoke tied to miscarriages, stillbirths, study says   Reuters, 3/14/14
Obstetrician Maurice Druzin, MD, provides comment on new research out of New York. 

Volunteer cuddlers offer comfort to infants, parents   ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, 3/13/14
Neonatologist Ronald Cohen, MD, was interviewed.

5-year-old back to karate after beating liver transplant odds   Orange County Register (not available online), 3/5/14
Surgeon Waldo Concepcion, MD, and radiologist Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, were quoted. 

Teaching students to overcome the traumas of poverty   PBS NEWSHOUR, 3/3/14
 Trauma expert Victor Carrion, MD, provides comment.

Caution urged for infant sleep machines   USA Today, 3/3/14
Sleep expert Nanci Yuan, MD, is quoted.

Study: Asthma drug aids simultaneous desensitization to several food allergies   Inside Stanford Medicine, 2/27/14
Study senior author Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, is quoted.

Polio-like illness called a ‘rare phenomenon’   Associated Press, 2/24/14
Neurologist Keith Van Haren, MD, provides comment in this Associated Press article.

12-year-old ‘Leukemia Slayer’ done with chemo   ABC-7, 2/24/14
Pediatric hematologist-oncologist Gary Dahl, MD, provides comment.

Teen with cystic fibrosis blogs while awaiting transplant   CBS-5, 2/21/14
While 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient “Elizabeth M.” waits for a lung transplant, she is spending time blogging on her site “mylifewithcf” and raising awareness about the disease.

Marijuana tested as treatment for children with epilepsy   San Francisco Chronicle, 2/19/14
Pediatric neurologist Donald Olson, MD, provides comment.

Study: Technique allows for radiation-free detection of tumors   KGO Radio (not available online), 2/18/14
Heike Daldrup-Link, MD, was featured in this interview.

Family donates deceased child’s tumor for research   NBC Bay Area, 2/14/14
Neuro-oncologist Michelle Monje, MD, PhD, provides comment.

California voters concerned about kids’ eating, exercise   San Francisco Chronicle, 2/12/14

Talking to premature babies tied to later development   Reuters, 2/12/14
Heidi Feldman,MD, an expert in developmental behavior, gives insight.
Thomas Robinson, MD, MPH, provides comment.

Staying healthy during flu season   KQED Forum, 2/5/14
Infectious disease expert Yvonne Maldonado, MD, is featured.

Steroid use higher amongst gay, bisexual teen boys   KCBS Radio, 2/3/14
Adolescent medicine specialist Sophia Yen, MD, was quoted. 

Air pollution’s impact on children’s health, 1/31/14
Allergist and immunologist Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, provides comment on this study.

DNA of peanut-allergic kids changes with immune therapy, study finds   CNN, 1/31/14
Allergist and immunologist Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, provides comment on this study.

Ethicist provides insight into the transplant process   KTVU-TV, 1/30/14
Ethics expert David Magnus, PhD, was interviewed.

Study suggests kids should unplug before sleep   Reuters, 1/24/14
Pulmonologist Nanci Yuan, MD, provides comment. 

Two women die from childbirth at Mass. hospital, 1/23/14
Obstetrician Maurice Druzin, MD, was quoted. 

Hospital volunteers share stories from Typhoon Haiyan relief   ABC-7, 1/2/14
A team of medical specialists from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and Stanford Hospital & Clinics recently returned from the Philippines to help treat victims affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Child life specialists help scared kids   San Francisco Chronicle, 1/2/14
Kristen Beckler, child life specialist, was quoted and referenced.

Pediatric neurologist provides insight on girl declared ‘brain dead’   CNN, 1/2/14
Neurologist Paul Fisher, MD, was quoted and referenced.


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