About Quality Data

How We Define Quality Data

Quality data are measurements that reflect the level of care we provide. Quality data are important because they allow us to assess our performance and continually seek ways to improve. Lucile Packard Children's Hospital measures quality in multiple ways:

  1. Patients’ and families’ satisfaction with our services
    Knowing what patients and parents say about their experience at Packard Children’s Hospital helps us identify our strengths and areas we can improve.
  2. Monitoring the outcomes (results) of the medical care we provide
    Monitoring quality and safety outcomes helps us evaluate and improve the care we provide. We monitor our own outcomes. Several health care advocacy and regulatory groups also collect this data.
  3. Clinical excellence and awards
    Our clinical excellence and innovation is another indication of the quality of care we provide. Packard Children’s Hospital and our physicians have won numerous awards and recognition for safety, outcomes and innovation.

Why Our Quality Data Is Publicly Available

The three most important goals in making our quality data publicly available are to:

  1. Provide our patients and community with good information to make informed decisions about a child’s or expectant mother's health care 
  2. Offer honest and accurate data about the quality of services we provide 
  3. Help us evaluate and improve the way we deliver care