Louanne Hudgins, MD

  • Louanne Hudgins
  • “I approach care by thinking about what information the family wants, as much as what information the requesting physician wants.”

It's human nature for parents to want to know the underlying cause of their child's issues. Even if a genetic condition cannot be "cured" physicians want to know the underlying reason for a child's findings so they can provide the most appropriate care and know there isn't something else we should be looking for. I can often help provide a definite diagnosis.

I love working in genetics because I learn something new every single day. The field is evolving, and the knowledge we are gaining changes all the time. I enjoy communicating genetics to families and other care providers, trying my best to make it easy for them to understand.

I like working here because all of the providers are very bright and collaborative. If I have a tough case, I know that there are plenty of people around to help me solve it. The best possible people are here to take care of your child.


Clinical Genetics

Work and Education

Professional Education

University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, KS, 1984


University of Connecticut-School of Medicine, Farmington, CT, 1985


University of Connecticut, Farmington, CT, 1987


University of Connecticut, Farmington, CT, 1990

Board Certifications

Clinical Genetics, American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics