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Shashank Joshi, MD

  • Shashank V. Joshi


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Work and Education

Professional Education

Baylor College of Medicine Registrar, Houston, TX, 1993


Albert Einstein College of Medicine Office of the Registrar, Bronx, NY, 1994


Albert Einstein College of Medicine Office of the Registrar, Bronx, NY, 1995

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Office of the Registrar, Bronx, NY, 1998

Board Certifications

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

All Publications

Recognizing and Referring Children with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Guidelines for Pediatric Providers. Pediatrics in review Wilson, H. W., Joshi, S. V. 2018; 39 (2): 6877

View details for DOI 10.1542/pir.2017-0036

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Mental health issues among 1st generation college students. College Student Mental Health Wang, R., Joshi, S. V. edited by Roberts, L. Springer. 2018
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After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools, 2nd ed. Joshi_Contributor, S. V. Suicide Prevention Resource Center / AFSP. NYC. 2018
Social media/networking as part of e-behavioral health and psychiatric education: competencies, teaching methods, and implications. J Technology in Behav Sci Hilty, D. M., Zalpuri, I., Snowdy, C. E., Shoemaker, E. Z., Joshi, S. V., Mint, M. T., Liu, H. 2018
K12 Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Toolkit Joshi, S., Ojakian, M., Lenoir, L., Lopez, J. Heard Alliance / Student Mental Health Policy Workgroup, California Dept. of Education. 2017 300
Statement Regarding the National Resident Matching Program Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Match: A Call to Uphold the Gentlepersons' Agreement ACADEMIC PSYCHIATRY Joshi, S. V., Stock, S., Adams, A., Gleason, M. M., Varley, C. K. 2016; 40 (3): 552-554

View details for DOI 10.1007/s40596-015-0484-9

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School-based Suicide Prevention: Content, Process, and the Role of Trusted Adults and Peers Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America Joshi, S. V., Hartley, S. N., Kessler, M., Barstead, M. 2015; 24 (2): 353-370
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Suicide Prevention Initiative, 2nd Annual Report. Ojakian, V., Joshi, S. V., et al County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Board. San Jose. 2012 24


Ojakian V, Joshi SV, et al. (2012). Suicide Prevention Initiative, 2nd Annual Report. (24 pages); San Jose: County of Santa Clara.

Culture and Development in Children and Youth Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America Pumariega AJ, Joshi SV 2010; 19 (4): 661-680
Thinking About Prescribing:The Psychology of Psychopharmacology Pediatric Psychopharmacology: Principles and Practice Pruett, K., Joshi, S. V., Martin, A. Oxford Univ Press. 2010; 2nd: 422433
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Culturally adapted pharmacotherapy and the integrative formulation Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America Malik M, Lake J, Lawson W, Joshi SV 2010; 19 (4): 791-814
The supporting alliance in child and adolescent treatment: enhancing collaboration among therapists, parents, and teachers. American journal of psychotherapy Feinstein, N. R., Fielding, K., Udvari-Solner, A., Joshi, S. V. 2009; 63 (4): 319-344


Research indicates that the therapeutic alliance between therapist and pediatric patient is most effective in the context of a productive supporting alliance--an alliance encompassing the network of relationships among therapists, parents and teachers. In this essay, we develop a model of the supporting alliance, arguing that the child's primary relationships with various parties (therapists, teachers, and parents) imply a set of secondary relationships among those parties (parent-therapist, therapist-teacher, parent-teacher). We review the literature on these secondary relationships, focusing on their nature and discussing the benefits of and obstacles to establishing productive collaborations in each case. We also describe three sorts of pathology that can afflict the supporting alliance as a whole, and discuss the importance of patient autonomy and therapist-patient confidentiality relative to the supporting alliance. Finally, we identify directions for future research and highlight implications for practice.

View details for PubMedID 20131741

Psychiatric medications for the treatment of pruritus Conference on the Futute of Psychiatric Diagnosis - Refining the Research Agenda Shaw, R. J., Dayal, S., Good, J., Bruckner, A. L., Joshi, S. V. LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS. 2007: 97078


To review the use of psychiatric medications in the treatment of pruritus.A literature review was conducted using the key words pruritus, psychiatric, and treatment.Three categories of pruritus are described: dermatologic, systemic, and psychogenic. Peripheral and central nervous system mechanisms of pruritus are reviewed. Conventional dermatologic treatments for pruritus are contrasted with some of the common psychopharmacologic treatment modalities that include anxiolytic, antidepressant, and antipsychotic agents. A treatment algorithm is offered to help guide the treatment of patients with pruritus.Psychiatric medications have been used successfully in the treatment of pruritus that is associated with both psychocutaneous and systemic disorders, which are resistant to conventional treatment.

View details for DOI 10.1097/PSY.0b013e3181572799

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View details for PubMedID 17991825

Subtypes of pediatric delirium: A treatment algorithm PSYCHOSOMATICS Karnik, N. S., Joshi, S. V., Paterno, C., Shaw, R. 2007; 48 (3): 253-257


Delirium in adult populations of hospitalized patients has been well characterized into hyperactive, hypoactive, and mixed subtypes. The degree to which these subtypes apply to pediatric populations has yet to be fully demonstrated. In this case report, the authors present two cases of delirium that serve as examples of the hyperactive and hypoactive/mixed types and then discuss treatment. They find marked differences in the response of different delirium subtypes to haloperidol and risperidone and theorize as to the neurochemical pathways by which these pharmacological agents might work. This framework provides an algorithm for the treatment of pediatric delirium.

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View details for PubMedID 17478595

Teaching evidence-based psychotherapies CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIC CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA Thienemann, M., Joshi, S. V. 2007; 16 (1): 183-?


Currently our field is actively involved in developing new ways to characterize and treat children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders and in evaluating the effects of our therapies. We also are beginning to examine the effectiveness of our teaching methods. This article presents evidence for, ideas about, and a philosophy to guide individuals who are privileged to train child psychiatrists in psychotherapies. Specifically, it discusses the issues of the evidence base for diagnosis and for nonspecific and specific active elements of child psychotherapy. Evidence for methods of training is presented. The article addressed the need for supervising psychiatrists to keep abreast of developments in teaching methods so that we can best train competent, curious, and compassionate child psychiatrists.

View details for DOI 10.1016/j.chc.2006.09.004

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View details for PubMedID 17141124

Teamwork: The therapeutic alliance in pediatric pharmacotherapy CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIC CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA Joshi, S. V. 2006; 15 (1): 239-?


All child psychiatrists' interactions with patients and families have important potential meanings, and the act of prescribing medication is no exception. As psychopharmacologic practice has increased in child psychiatry, facility with psychotherapeutic skills, such as establishing an alliance, identifying and treating symptoms, and promoting adherence must follow to enhance clinical outcomes. This article addresses the role of the therapeutic alliance in pediatric work, the psychologic implications of administering medications, developmental issues altering psychopharmacologic efforts, the role of the dual alliance (allying both patients and parents), and recommendations for clinical practice and further research.

View details for DOI 10.1016/j.chc.2005.08.004

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ADHD: Assessment and Treatment across the Lifespan American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ASCPP) Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum, 4th ed., Glick I (ed.) Joshi SV 2006: 504.1-504.22
School Consultation and Intervention Handbook of Mental Health Interventions in Children and Adolescents: An Integrated Developmental Approach, Joshi SV 2004: 885-916
Psychostimulants, atomoxetine, and alpha-agonists in the treatment of ADHD Handbook of Mental Health Interventions in Children and Adolescents: An Integrated Developmental Approach, Joshi SV 2004: 258-287
Characteristics and perceived. needs of mothers with serious mental illness PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES Joseph, J. G., Joshi, S. V., Lewin, A. B., Abrams, M. 1999; 50 (10): 1357-1359


This cross-sectional survey determined the prevalence of motherhood among severely mentally ill women hospitalized in an inner-city facility and examined the demographic characteristics and perceived needs of the 32 mothers who were identified. Slightly less than one-quarter of these mothers had seen their children within the last week, and only about 20 percent maintained full custody of their children. However, none of the respondents reported feeling that it was unimportant whether they continued mothering their children. Approximately half described needing help in dealing with their sadness about their children. The pilot data presented in this paper suggest that motherhood is common among severely mentally ill and hospitalized women and that issues relevant to mothering remain important to them.

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Maintaining the Therapeutic Alliance in Modern Pharmacology Practice Joshi, S. V. American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ASCPP). Brentwood TN. 2018 ; Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum, 8th edition. I. Glick (ed.) 501.1501.22


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