Our research interests in the laboratory focus on the innate and adaptive immune system and their role in immune-mediated diseases. Our group has a broad range of research interests that include:

  • The fundamental process of T cell activation versus tolerance
  • Regulatory T cells (Treg)
  • Neonatal immunity
  • Immune diseases of the esophagus and GI tract
  • Vaccines and vaccine adjuvants
  • Viral infections

Our clinical research projects offer drug therapies to selected patients. You can learn more about our research by visiting our Pediatric Immunology division Web site.

Click here for more information about our food allergy clinical trials or contact us at

Physician Fellowship Program

The Pediatric Asthma and Clinical Immunology Fellowship Program prepares specialists in the delivery of skilled medical and consultative care to patients with a broad spectrum of allergic and immunologic conditions. It also encourages the pursuit of careers in academic allergy and immunology.