Developmental Neuropsychiatry

The Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic provides psychiatric evaluation, treatment, and consultation for children and adolescents with autism, developmental disabilities, mental retardation and other brain-based disabilities. Children with these problems have delays or deficits in cognitive, sensory, motor, communication or social skills. Many of these children also develop maladaptive behavior or emotional problems that result in subjective distress, disruption of family life or interference with participation in the school or community.

The clinic emphasizes treatment and advocacy that alleviate the underlying developmental disorder, promote appropriate learning and social behavior and directly treat coexisting mood or behavioral disorders. Treatment often involves direct interventions with the child, but may also require changes in the child's environment, especially the family and school. Specific treatments offered by the clinic include pharmacotherapy, individual therapy, parent behavioral counseling, family therapy and coordination with the child's school. Skill enhancement targeting one or more of the child's primary disabilities often requires special education or allied health treatments that occur in other settings.

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