Adult Congenital Heart Program

Many congenital defects in adults require the same specialized treatment and techniques developed for children with these conditions. As children living with an inherited defect grow into adolescence, some may outgrow repairs made when they were very young. Others may not discover their condition until adolescence or adulthood. All will need support in transitioning to care for a healthy adulthood. Our Adult Congenital Heart Program at Stanford was created to extend our unparalleled expertise in addressing congenital defects into adulthood, enabling us to ensure that every patient can receive the support they need throughout their lifetime.

We provide:

  • A specialized program specifically designed for adolescent and adult patients
  • Lifestyle counseling and long-term medical management
  • Leading cardiothoracic surgeons who are experts in a full range of surgical intervention including heart/lung transplantation
  • Access to clinical trials and the most advanced treatment options
  • Coordinated care with heart failure and heart/lung transplantation experts
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling and risk stratification; contraception and genetic counseling
  • High-risk pregnancy management with our Center for Fetal and Maternal Health

Contact us online or call (650) 724-9220 for more information.