For Referring Physicians

Admission Criteria

Adolescents with eating disorders who meet any of the admission criteria below may be candidates for admission to our inpatient Comprehensive Care Program:

Hypothermia T < 36.3 °C / 97.3 °F
Hypotension BP < 90 / 45
  • Pulse increase of more than 35
  • Systolic BP decrease of more than 10
  • Diastolic BP decrease of more than 10
Bradycardia Pulse < 50 day, < 45 night
Weight < 75% ideal body weight
EKG abnormalities e.g., prolonged QTc > 0.45
Hypokalemia Potassium 3.0 or less
Hypophosphatemia Phosphorus 3.0 or less
Other acute medical events e.g., syncope, GI bleeding, severe dehydration, etc.
Acute food refusal Severe and/or prolonged may be grounds for medical admission

Contact Information for Referring Health Care Providers

Weekdays from 8 am-5 pm
Please call our intake coordinator at (650) 498-4468.

Weekdays after 5 pm, Weekends and Holidays
Please call the Adolescent Medicine attending physician on-call via the hospital page operator at (650) 723-6661.