Fertility and Reproductive Health Care Team

All of us at Fertility and Reproductive Health are committed to working with you to provide the best possible fertility treatment. Working together with planning, foresight, and guidance, our goal is to ensure that this treatment is a positive experience for you.



The embryologists perform all aspects of the in vitro process from oocyte identification to preparation of embryos for transfer. This includes semen processing, insemination, ICSI, embryo assessment, PGD, cryopreservation, thawing, and more.


Our Nurse Coordinators are Registered Nurses dedicated to assisting our patients with all their treatment needs. They create the treatment schedules for our patients and meet with them to review their initial treatment cycle plan. Our Nurses also teach our orientation and injection training classes and are great resource for all your questions throughout your treatment cycle. You will also find our RNs in the procedure room assisting our physicians and anesthesiologist complete the preoperative check-list and getting them ready for the procedure as well as caring for our patients before, during and after the procedure.

Genetic Counselor

We provide genetic counseling for couples seeking additional information about preconception and preimplantation genetic testing options. Our genetic counselor helps patients understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial impact of genetic disease; and interprets family and medical histories to assess the chance of disease occurring or recurring—the goal being to promote informed choices. Reasons to meet with a fertility genetic counselor may include desire for preconception carrier screening, a personal or family history of a genetic condition resulting in an increased risk for having a child with a genetic condition, multiple miscarriages, advanced maternal age, or union between relatives (consanguinity).

Lab Staff

The lab technicians perform phlebotomy, hormone and semen testing, and the additional preparation necessary for non-IVF procedures.

Medical Assistants

Our Medical Assistants are medically trained ancillary personnel that perform a wide variety of functions within the clinic. They escort patients and prepare them for evaluations or treatment and assist Physicians with treatments and procedures. They support our Nursing staff in the delivery of patient care. The Medical Assistants also help our Physicians and Nurses schedule appointments, prepare lab requisitions and obtain results. They are also a resource our patients may access to receive answers for basic questions regarding their treatment cycle and clinic procedures.

New Patient Coordinators

New patient coordinators schedule new patients with consultation appointments and answering all related questions. They also make sure we receive all required documents prior to the initial visit.

Patient Care Coordinators

Our Patient Care coordinators are ancillary personnel well informed in the field of infertility. They help create and communicate treatment schedules to our patients, according to Physicians directions. They triage phone calls, answer basic questions and refer other queries to Nurses or Physicians as appropriate. They assist our Nursing staff with all the clerical aspects of a treatment cycle.

Financial Coordinator

Our Insurance Coordinators are specialized in all aspects of infertility coverage. They are able to assist our patients with financial matters throughout their treatment cycle. They verify eligibility and benefits for patients before their consultations. Our Insurance coordinators are available to meet with our patients to review their insurance coverage and financials schedule after a treatment plan is selected. During a treatment cycle, the Insurance coordinators request authorization from insurance companies for visits and medications, as needed. They are also available to answer any questions regarding insurance coverage and treatment cost over the phone.