Fertility Preservation Options

We offer an array of fertility preservation options.

Social fertility preservation for women

Our Elective Fertility Preservation program provides the opportunity to women who wish to preserve their ability to have children in the future, as they age. The elective oocyte/embryo cryopreservation program was started in 2002. We offer the opportunity to freeze oocytes (eggs) or embryos. The process and treatment is similar to the IVF process with the exception of the transfer of embryos.

Fertility preservation for cancer patients

The oocyte cryopreservation program for cancer patients was the first of its kind, and this service has been offered under an IRB protocol since 1999. We offer the opportunity to freeze oocytes (eggs), embryos, and ovarian tissue. Ovarian tissue freezing is typically done in patients who are having abdominal surgery.

We also offer cryopreservation of sperm for men facing cancer treatment and surgery.

Patients 15-29 years of age who are receiving cancer treatment have fertility preservation options as well. The Stanford Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program provides counseling and assistance with family planning, fertility preservation and sexual health.

We partner with Fertile Hope to offer cancer patients help through the Sharing Hope Program.


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