Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Therapies Program

Our Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Therapies program brings together patients who need heart failure treatment, ventricular assist device implantation or heart transplantation. As one of the first centers in the nation to have a dedicated pediatric heart transplant program and as one of the first dedicated pediatric heart failure treatment programs, we understand how helpful it is to do everything under one roof. This allows us to focus on treating heart failure early and to delay the need for transplantation, perhaps indefinitely. It also means that if transplantation becomes necessary, we already know your child well.

Within the PACT program, we provide advanced heart failure therapies, ventricular assist device implantation and heart transplantation in a setting where expertise in every conceivable aspect of cardiology is available at any time, day or night. The PACT program is committed to developing a partnership with you, your child and your referring physician. Through this partnership, we can determine the safest, most effective option for your child’s needs. In many cases, we can help children who are receiving circulatory assistance to enjoy regular activities like walking, dancing, singing or just cuddling with family members. Our goal is to make sure your child is as happy and healthy as possible at every step in the process.