Pediatric Liver Transplant

Our Liver Transplant program is consistently ranked as one of the top pediatric liver transplant programs in the U.S. based on volume and survival rates. In fact, we were number one in pediatric liver transplant volume in the nation during 2014. Launched in 1995, our program is comprised of a team of experts that has performed more than 600 liver transplants in children. Even with the high number of transplants we do compared to other programs, our survival rates are exceptional.

One-quarter of our patients are listed at the highest acuity status and we perform transplants for liver cancer (hepatoblastoma) as well as combined organ transplantations such as liver-kidney, liver-intestine, and liver-heart.

The Pediatric Liver Transplant team provides long-term follow-up and outreach services to families and referring health care providers throughout the Western U.S., including locations in California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. This approach makes it easier for patients to return home after receiving a life-saving transplant. The team visits the clinics 2-5 times per year and performs pre-transplant evaluations and helps monitor patients after transplant to allow for an easy transition back to their local physician’s care.

Contact us online or call (650) 725-8771 for more information.