Liver Transplant Care Team

As one of the largest referral centers for children with liver disease in the San Francisco Bay Area, our core team of transplant surgeons and hepatologists has been together for 20 years. Our approach of family-centered care, means you’ll play an active role in your child’s care along with our team to give your child the best possible outcome.

Transplant Surgeons

Gastroenterologists & Hepatologists

Other Team Members

  • Debra Strichartz, RN, BA, CCTC - Administrative Director
  • Michelle Ashland - Parent Mentor
  • Stephanie Bailey - Data Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Bruno, PhD - Developmental Specialist
  • Lisa Campbell - Administrative Assistant
  • Sarah Conlon, PA - Physician Assistant
  • Julie Depper, PA - Physician Assistant
  • Alison Fernbach, NP - Nurse Practitioner
  • Katie Harmann, PA -Physician Assistant
  • Angela Beadles, PharmD, BCPS - Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
  • Carmen Mandac, NP - Nurse Practitioner
  • Melanie Merrill-Kennedy, PA-C - Multi-Organ Transplant Coordinator
  • Ann Mock, PA - Physician Assistant
  • Tanya Wapensky, MS, RD - Nutrionist
  • Karen Wayman, PhD - Child Developmental Specialist
  • Denise Alloway, LCSW - Social Worker
  • Carmela Buenrostro - Financial Coordinator
  • Cecilia Cura - Financial Coordinator
  • Rebecca Sullivan - Financial Coordinator
  • Mele Toa - Financial Coordinator