Neonatology Care Team

Our Neonatology physicians are based at several locations throughout the Bay Area, with some practicing at more than one location. Our Stanford Medicine physicians are faculty at the Stanford School of Medicine. Our hospitalists are physicians who specialize in clinical, hospital-based care. Please see our list of neonatologists below, organized alphabetically by their primary location:

El Camino Hospital

Stanford Medicine Physicians

Lisa Bain, MD
Christina Chan, MD
Ritu Chitkara, MD
Katherine McCallie, MD
Stephanie Miller, MD
Dharshi Sivakumar, MD, Interim Medical Director, El Camino Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Sequoia Hospital

Stanford Medicine Physicians

Nilima Ragavan, MD, Medical Director, Sequoia Special Care Nursery

Dominican Hospital

Stanford Medicine Physicians

Magdy Ismail, MD, Medical Director, Dominican Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Antonios Issa, MD

Watsonville Hospital

Stanford Medicine Physicians

Edward McNamara, MD, Medical Director, Watsonville Special Care Nursery


David Finnigan, MD
Mohamed Hasan, MD
Peter Rowinsky, MD
Donna Takahashi, MD

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

Stanford Medicine Physicians

Robert Castro, MD, Medical Director, Salinas Valley Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Greg Glasscock, MD
Carl Yaeger, MD