Our multidisciplinary team offers individualized consultation and nurturing care for children with brain tumors, spinal cord tumors or other neuro-oncological diseases.


Our innovative and collaborative approach to treating children living with brain tumors, spinal tumors or other neuro-oncological conditions is a hallmark of our nurturing care. Your child benefits from weekly case reviews by our multidisciplinary pediatric neuro-oncology board, featuring specialists in a variety of relevant fields, from neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists to social workers and neuropsychologists. When it’s time for treatment, we offer expertise in conventional therapies as well as new innovative therapies—including stereotactic surgeries (a minimally invasive option for locating small targets in the body), radiotherapy, and new approaches to chemotherapy. In addition to life-changing treatment, we offer nurturing support that continues long after your child leaves the hospital, coordinating with our network physicians, rehabilitation and home care services, as needed by individual patients, to ease recovery and empower your family as your child returns to the joys of a healthy childhood.