Palliative Care Team

The Palliative Care team is available for consultations in all areas of the hospital, for both inpatients and outpatients.

  • Barbara M. Sourkes, PhD - John A. Kriewall and Elizabeth A. Haehl Director of Pediatric Palliative Care
  • William E. Benitz, MD - Neonatology
  • Michelle R. Brown, PhD - Psychology
  • Harvey J. Cohen, MD, PhD - Pediatrics
  • Julie J. Good, MD, DABMA - Pain Management
  • Colette Case, CCLS - Child Life
  • Leah Christensen, MSW - Social Work
  • Nancy Contro, MSW - Social Work
  • Thayer Gershon, MA - Education
  • Karen Jensen, MSW - Social Work
  • Debra Monzack, CCLS - Child Life
  • Wilma Reichard, MA DIV - Chaplaincy
  • Sandy Sentivany-Collins, RN, MS - Nursing/Pain Management
  • Patricia Soto-Minder, MSW - Social Work
The Palliative Care Team