After Hours Care

People don't get sick on a business schedule, 9-5 Monday-Friday. So we have contracted with a Nurse Advice service. If you need to reach us outside of normal business hours, please call the office and listen to the recording. You will get a number to call (the number is specific for each office, which is why we are not listing it here.) Call that number and the trained nurse with telephone protocols to guide her or him will answer the phone and serve you.

NOTE: When you call us after hours, be sure to call the main office phone number (see Locations for the correct number). Only the main phone line at each office is forwarded to the voicemail / answering system.

The advice nurses can handle over 90% of the calls. If they need to reach our physician on-call, they will do so. If you find that you are being poorly served by this service, please let us know so we can respond on your behalf.

Remember, we see patients (pediatric patients only) on Saturday morning in our Pleasanton office, we see drop-in patients only in some of our offices on some days (see our Locations page for your office hours), and we have "same day sick" appointments throughout every weekday in all of our offices.