Frequently Asked Questions

Are labs and other studies that DVCN may order covered by my insurance?

Outside testing sites are not associated with our office and will generally obtain authorization and bill your insurance (similar to when your pediatrician orders tests). We will assist in referring your child to facilities that are covered by your insurance company.

Do you do telephone consultations?

In some situations a telephone consultation may be appropriate between follow-up appointments to discuss complex matters. These consultations will provided only for those patients that have established care with DVCN.

How do I get a hold of Dr. Brown or her associates for follow-up questions?

Dr. Brown is happy to spend a couple of minutes between patients or after hours to briefly answer questions on the phone. She can be reached at 925-691-9688.

Can I e-mail Dr. Brown or her associates?

Yes. However, e-mail is best reserved for brief, non-urgent questions and concerns. Also remember that there may be security issues with using e-mail such as your message being misaddressed and sent to another recipient or not received by Dr. Brown; your e-mail being read by a family member or employer; or your message being stored by your e-mail provider on an unsecured remote server.

What should I do if there is an after-hours emergency?

Of course for any very urgent matters you should call 911 or seek immediate medical attention. However, Dr. Brown is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week by calling our main number. If she is on vacation, another board-certified pediatric neurologist covering for her will take the call on her behalf. An answering service will contact Dr. Brown for any urgent after hours concerns. Please reserve after hour phone calls to truly urgent matters only. Routine matters should be dealt with during our regular business hours.

How do I get lab/test results?

DVCN will usually arrange a follow-up appointment to review all lab results after these have been obtained. However, more urgent concerns regarding lab results such as MRI scans can be obtained by calling (925) 691-9688 or emailing the provider who ordered the tests.

How do I get a medication refill?

DVCN will prescribe enough medication to last until the recommended follow-up appointment. So, if you are running low on medication, it means you're due for a follow-up appointment. For special circumstances when a medication refill is needed prior to your follow-up appointment, have your pharmacy fax a refill request to our office at (925) 691-9820.