Read about Juvvadi Pediatrics, which joined Stanford Children’s Health in 2015, and other news featuring our pediatricians.

Stanford pediatrician, Anita Juvvadi, MD, responds to health predictions from 1999 included in The Tech Interactive’s time capsule.

Keeping your kids active during the pandemic - In a podcast, Anita Juvvadi, MD, discusses socially distanced ways to get your kids moving during the pandemic. She provides similar tips in a published blog: 5 socially distanced ways to get your kids excited about moving

Halloween in the time of COVID-19 - Anita Juvvadi, MD, talks about how her patients can still “dress up” with some added precautions this year.

Doctor volunteers on medical missions in Africa - Pediatrician Anita Juvvadi partners with other volunteers from Stanford Global Health on medical missions to Ethiopia, providing care to children in a refugee camp.

The dangers of skipping routine vaccinations during COVID-19 - Anita Juvvadi, MD, talks about patients’ vaccines for measles, chicken pox, and hepatitis being down by a third, meaning that these illnesses could spread and spike over the summer.

COVID-19: What parents need to know - Anita Juvvadi, MD, addresses the most common questions she is receiving from patients and their families.

Vaccine safety - Anita Juvvadi, MD, reports on vaccine safety on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Guess what? Flu vaccines do not cause the flu - With flu season is around the corner, Stanford Children’s Health sends a reminder that the best way to protect your children from the virus is with a flu vaccine.

Keeping kids safe at Halloween - Helpful reminders for parents when their ghosts and goblins head out on Halloween.