Caregiver Restrictions in the Newborn Nursery

For the next few months, we will be taking action to prevent the spread of infections and viruses. Making sure everyone is healthy is important for all of us. One way we are doing this is by limiting the number of caregivers in the Newborn Nursery. As a reminder, no one who is sick should be coming to the hospital.

Who can visit?

  • A Mother who has been discharged from the hospital, and who has a baby staying in the nursery
  • A Mother who has an assigned sleep space in the nursery
  • A Breastfeeding Mother of a baby who’s temperature and breathing are being watched

What other things have changed?

  • Fathers and other visitors will not be allowed in the nursery
  • Parents will not be allowed to come with the baby for procedures like circumcisions

When should mothers stay out of the Newborn Nursery?

  • Mothers who do not feel well should stay out of the nursery
  • Mothers with a cough, runny nose, sneezes, fever, or sore throat should stay out of the nursery

How can I see my baby?

  • Talk to your nurse about viewing your baby through the nursery window