COVID-2019 Alert

The latest information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, including vaccine clinics for children ages 6 months and older.

La información más reciente sobre el nuevo Coronavirus de 2019, incluidas las clínicas de vacunación para niños de 6 meses en adelante.


Teen Van COVID-19 Testing

The health and safety of our patients, families, and staff is important to us. The Teen Van is now offering mobile testing for the Coronavirus. This handout will tell you more about getting tested.

Do I need an appointment to be tested?

Yes, you will need an appointment to get tested. To make sure we are able to test you, please make an appointment before your visit. To make an appointment, work with your school or call the Teen Van office at (650) 736-7172.

Where do I go for Mobile testing?

When we call you to schedule the testing appointment, we will also tell you where to go.

What can I expect when I arrive at the testing site?

When you arrive for your appointment, please call the number posted on the sign in the parking lot. Calling this number will help us know that you are here. Our staff will let you know when it is your turn for testing.

Our staff will be wearing masks, face shields, gloves, and gowns. They will greet you either at your car or at a marked waiting area outside of the Teen Van.

Testing can be done either in your car or in a white tent outside the Teen Van. This test uses a patient swab, like a long Q–tip, that the provider will place in your nose for about 10 seconds. It will irritate your nose and will not feel comfortable. You may also see some blood on the swab after the test is done, this is normal. This swab may cause you to sneeze, cough, and cry.

When will I receive results?

You will receive a call from the Teen Van team within 2 to 5 days. If you do not get a phone call by the 7th day after your test, please call the Teen Van office at (650) 736-7172.

What if other family members are worried and would like to get tested?

If other family members would like to be tested for coronavirus/COVID-19, they should let the Teen Van team know. We can help schedule an appointment for your family members on a later date.

Our Teen Van team can help schedule tests for people who:

  • Are a Teen Van patient, attend a Teen Van school/site, or are family members of such a person
  • Do not have insurance or cannot get tested for COVID-19 any other way