Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Team Provides Coordinated Quality Care

Lovy Maguffee

A fetal echocardiogram found an abnormality in Lovy Maguffee’s pulmonary artery, a condition associated with a sometimes fatal airway defect called congenital tracheal stenosis. Physicians at the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center were ready to intervene at delivery if necessary and they surgically corrected Lovy’s tracheal stenosis just a few months after. She barely skipped a beat. And today, Lovy is off to the races!

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EXIT Procedure

Five months into Shelia’s pregnancy, a sonogram revealed that her baby’s airway was so narrow that the baby might not be able to breathe after delivery. A complex procedure called EXIT-to-airway, requiring two surgical teams—one to give the mom a cesarean and the other to secure the baby’s airway before completing the birth—brought Catalina safely into the world.

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Xzavian Laryngeal Cleft Surgery Patient

Seeking to explain toddler Xzavian’s mysterious but persistent cold symptoms and discomfort, the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction team performed a triple endoscopy, revealing a laryngeal cleft, an opening between the esophagus and the voice box, that was leaking food into Xzavian’s lungs. Once it was surgically repaired, Xzavian’s symptoms cleared, letting his cheerful personality shine.

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Jack Munoz

When Nakisa and Michael Muñoz learned that there son Jack had a genetic disorder that creates serious problems with eating, breathing, digestion and immunity, they quickly grew overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge. Fortunately, the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center at Stanford Children’s Health was there to help them navigate this complexity and streamline his treatment.

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Anthoney Riccomini

Before they discovered the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center at Stanford Children’s Health, the Riccomini family spent years visiting countless specialists to treat their son Anthoney’s severe tracheomalacia and related problems. Once they met the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction team, Anthoney’s problems were treated more quickly and effectively than anyone had dared to hope.

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