Gluten-Free Cooking

Two kids preparing a meal

Food storage and preparation

Once you get your groceries home, you will need to think about how your food is prepared. Here are several suggestions to help you avoid contaminating your food with gluten:

  • Do not purchase foods from open bins or bulk bins.
  • Store gluten-free foods separately.
  • Label gluten-free foods to prevent confusion.
  • Have designated gluten-free appliances and tools, like toasters, non-stick and cast iron pans, colanders, etc.
  • Use clean tools for cooking, cutting, mixing, serving, storing, etc.
  • Avoid tools that can harbor gluten crumbs or have scratches (e.g., wooden cutting boards, non-stick pans, etc.)
  • Have separate containers of foods that food or knives are dipped into, like peanut butter, hummus, etc., or have a strict “no double-dipping” rule.
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