Injectable Gonadotropin Medication Cycle

Injectable gonadotropin (FSH) may be the third treatment option recommended by your doctor. To begin this treatment you are requested to call us on the first day of full menstrual flow (cycle day 1). A baseline ultrasound must be scheduled by cycle day 3 to check for possible ovarian cysts in the ovaries. If there are no cysts detected on ultrasound, you will be instructed to begin your gonadotropin injections the evening of CD3. We will teach you to administer these medications yourself or you may choose to have your partner administer them to you. The medications are to be injected subcutaneously (into fatty tissue injection sites) every night until instructed to discontinue.

The next ultrasound performed will usually fall on cycle day 7; this is to monitor the response of the ovaries to the first few days of injections. The physicians will then determine if the dose is appropriate based on the number and size of the follicles seen on ultrasound. The dose may be increased, decreased or maintained. An ultrasound may be performed every 2-3 days later to monitor the growth of the follicles. Once the lead follicle(s) measure at least 16-18 mm in diameter, another set of instructions will be provided as to the timing of the HCG injection to coordinate ovulation induction and the IUI appointment. Ovulation typically occurs 40 hours after administration of the HCG injection.

Similar to oral medications, most women do not suffer any side effects. But it is possible to have bloating, breast tenderness, and other side effects commonly associated with the oral medications. Risk of multiple pregnancies depends on the number of oocytes developing and your age. We may ask you to restrict your activities in order to maintain a pulse rate below 140bpm and avoid exercise activities such as aerobics, running, jogging or cycling. These activities may cause discomfort due to the enlarged ovaries.

We recommend that patients arrive with a full bladder on the day of the scheduled IUI. The IUI procedure is comparable to a PAP smear. Please plan on resting for about 10 minutes after the insemination. You can then return to your usual activities.

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