Instructions to the Male Partner

If using fresh semen, your partner should be available on the day of the insemination. It is recommended that he abstain from ejaculation 2 to 5 days before giving the semen sample. On the morning of the IUI appointment your sample should arrive in the REI lab by 8am to allow adequate time for processing. The semen sample must be received in the REI Lab within 45 minutes of collection. There is a collection room available in the REI Lab if your partner prefers to collect in our clinic. Your partner must be prepared to provide picture identification as well as a legal document verifying name and DOB when he drops off the sample.

Two weeks following the IUI, a pregnancy test will be performed to determine if the treatment was successful. Following two consecutive positive pregnancy tests, two ultrasounds will be performed at approximately 6 weeks of gestation and at 8 weeks of gestation. As the pregnancy progresses, your will be recommended to follow up with your Obstetrician.

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