Heart Transplant Patient Stories

Barbie after surgery

Barbarita, or Barbie for short, was born with a very rare condition called neonatal lupus. While some babies born with neonatal lupus experience only a rash that goes away with time, others, like Barbie, develop more severe complications, with the most serious being a congenital heart block, which in this case required a heart transplant.

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In their deepest, darkest moment a family chose to spare another family from the same situation and to give another child they never knew a chance at life. Five-year-old Hana, a heart patient at our hospital, and her family met the family of Leo, her heart donor.

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Isaac Guajardo

“Victory day!” was the last thing Isaac Guajardo’s family heard him say as he was wheeled into surgery to receive his new heart on April 14, 2018. At just 9 years-old, it was the fifth open heart surgery Isaac was undergoing in less than three years. But he knew this one was different.

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Justin Wang

At just 15-years-old, Justin Wang has already built a bucket list of the things he wants to see and do in his lifetime. That’s because for Justin, health complications including needing a heart transplant is something that has been part of his life for as long as he can remember.

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Athena Dieuanh Tran

Athena Dieuanh Tran received her heart transplant at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and was one of the first patients to be moved into our new hospital. She decided to document her personal story in writing, going back several years before her transplant.

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