IBD Community Engagement Efforts

A child’s experience with IBD extends beyond the exam room, the clinic, and the hospital. Accordingly, we believe that the best care includes the creation of a community that understands the unique circumstances of living with IBD. Our team is dedicated to building and maintaining a supportive IBD community. Here are a few examples of ways we are building community for and among our families with IBD.

IBD Family Advisory Council (FAC)

Our council meets once every other month on the Stanford campus to discuss ongoing projects, share and carry out ideas to improve care, and help us achieve our common goal of delivering the highest-quality care for every child. We believe this is best achieved by getting input from our IBD families, who are able to provide an insightful perspective on our health care delivery. If you are interested in joining the council, please contact us for more information.

Community events

Connecting those who share similar experiences is the basis for our community outreach and events. Sharing and learning from each other’s life experiences can be supportive and healing. These events offer families an opportunity to connect and learn. Previous events include a mental health workshop, education sessions on different treatment modalities, cooking classes, yoga sessions, meditation sessions, group picnics, and more. Contact us for information on upcoming events. 

To learn more about living with IBD, visit Patient and Family Resources.