Pediatric Kidney Transplant Patient Stories


Reagan Sterling’s journey with chronic kidney disease began when she was just 7 years old. Since then, she has braved dialysis, surgery, and even a kidney transplant to battle a disease called focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). Now, at 19, Reagan is a happy college student. With the support of her family and the doctors at Stanford Children’s Health, she proves that it is possible to truly live well with kidney disease.

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Odin was just 9 months old and weighed just 12 pounds when he was accepted to Stanford Children’s Health’s transplantation program. With the bridge of dialysis to prepare and strengthen him, and after receiving a kidney donated by his dad, Odin hit the ground running.

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One mother’s desperate Facebook post led another altruistic mother to give her kidney to a 2-year-old stranger. Today, the recipient, Kaleb Perry, is an energetic, thriving child, and his family and the donor’s family are friends, often getting together to celebrate life near their homes in Fresno.

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“Not everyone should be a donor, but anyone can be a donor,” says Christopher Castillo, who lost 150 pounds, almost half his body weight, in order to qualify to donate a kidney to his good friend’s daughter. Cyehnna, now 17, who received the donation three years ago, first met the Stanford Children’s Health kidney transplant team members when they went to Hawaii as part of an extraordinary outreach program that changed her life forever.

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