Pediatric Liver Transplant Patient Stories

Maya and her mom

A young couple in Northern California could not feel more grateful to the family who donated their daughter’s liver. They know that there’s a chance their baby would not have survived without a quick transplant to resolve her biliary atresia, a rare liver birth defect. They met with the liver transplant team and a month later she had transplant surgery. Today, she’s a happy healthy toddler.

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Bucky is the youngest baby to have Kasai procedure, an intricate liver surgery. Babies born with biliary atresia have no connection between the liver and the small bowel, which causes bile to back up and destroy the liver. Biliary atresia is a rare disease—occurring in about one in 12,000 U.S. births—and can be hard to diagnose.

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At 2-years old Jackson had an aggressive, stage IV cancer, and the tumor in his liver had metastasized into his lungs and lymph nodes. A full liver transplant was his best chance of survival. Today Jackson is a college student athlete pursing his dream to play professional baseball.

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As a premature newborn, Dane went into liver failure and was rushed to Stanford Children’s Health, where—after six weeks of blood transfusions, dialysis, and other life-support interventions—he received a successful liver transplant. Three years later, he also received a kidney transplant. Today, Dane is a happy and energetic survivor.

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In her early days of life, Coralynn developed neonatal lupus, a rare newborn autoimmune disease. But Coralynn’s lupus did not exhibit the typical signs—a skin rash or heart problems. Instead, Coralynn’s neonatal lupus took an extremely rare turn and attacked her liver. Now thanks to a first-ever treatment, Coralynn is soaking in life.

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