Liver Transplant Adolescent & Young Adult Clinic

Our first-of-its-kind Adolescent & Young Adult Clinic for liver transplant patients helps prepare growing children for their future adult health care needs. Advances in the long-term survival of pediatric transplant patients make the move from pediatric to adult post-transplant care a routine part of growing up.

Our Goals

  • Help them gain a realistic understanding of their health
  • Help shift their primary interest in and management of your child's health from you to them
  • Help them meet and enjoy getting to know other adolescents and young adults with transplants
  • Set age-specific goals for our patients

For younger patients, the clinic helps them learn how to describe their health status, read a thermometer, while older patients learn the names and purposes of tests, how to call the clinic, and handle their own appointments.

The clinic is held four to six times a year during regular business hours. Our multidisciplinary team includes hepatologists, child psychiatrists, social workers and transplant coordinators. The team speaks to your teen without you in the room to allow your child to explore their thoughts, encourage health promotion, and opportunities for self-advocacy training. Teens then gather in a room with a child psychiatrist to discuss anything that may be on their minds.

For more information, contact us online or call (650) 725-8771.