• Parent holding baby's handParent holding baby's hand
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Obstetric Care

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your fifth, a single baby or multiples, every pregnancy and birth is unique. To meet the individual needs of your pregnancy and newborn(s), our obstetric care team works with you to understand your pregnancy and preferences, and support you and your growing family with the most advanced care tailored to each mother and baby. We welcome you to a warm, supportive, family-centered environment staffed by world-leading Stanford Medicine doctors, obstetric specialist nurses and support staff.

Research, innovation and an unwavering dedication to nurturing care, allow us to provide the best care whether your pregnancy is routine or high-risk.

Our clinical obstetric services include: 

  • Preconception counseling
    We offer counseling prior to pregnancy to discuss pre-existing medical conditions and a care plan to ensure your healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  • General obstetric care
    Every pregnancy deserves the very best support. Our obstetric care team is here to help you maintain your best health so that you and your baby have the strongest start possible.
  • High-risk obstetric care
    We provide the most advanced, nurturing care for women who have medical conditions before becoming pregnant, or who develop complications that affect the mother or fetus during pregnancy.
  • Diabetes counseling and care
    We care for patients who have type 1 or 2 diabetes prior to becoming pregnant, or who develop gestational diabetes while pregnant. Our diabetes team will work with you to create an individualized care plan specific to your needs.
  • Scheduled cesarean deliveries
    Patients are evaluated and provided helpful information, including instructions for bathing and skin care, prior to their scheduled cesarean delivery procedure.

Obstetric Care Team