Spine Treatment and Education Program

Stanford Children’s Health partners with schools throughout the Bay Area to educate our community on spine health and provide free scoliosis screening. So far, we have worked with over 30 schools to screen more than 2,900 kids and teens for scoliosis.

State-mandated scoliosis screenings are currently on hold. But leading pediatricians and spine experts recommend screening during the crucial ages of 10 to 14, when the adolescent growth spurt can worsen spinal deformities. By increasing early detection and management of scoliosis, scoliosis screenings allow health care providers to effectively treat this disease, often preventing surgery. If a child shows symptoms of scoliosis during a screening, we can refer him or her to a team of Stanford Children’s Health pediatric spine specialists located in seven Bay Area cities.

To learn more about our free scoliosis screenings and how your child’s school can participate, please contact Jasmin Dinneen, RN, at (650) 206-3000 or step@stanfordchildrens.org.