Pediatric Transplant Patient Stories

Joseph holding homemade sign that reads Walkin' out with my 3 organs!

Joseph Sanchez-Munoz is the only child who has ever received three transplants from us, each at a different time in his lifea liver, kidney, and most recently a heart transplant. His mom says he received “very loving support” from all of our transplant teams.

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Mackenzie, Stanford Medicine Children's Health's 500th Heart Transplant

Mackenzie Collins and her family never suspected they’d hear the words, “You need a heart transplant.” With no history of heart disease in their family, it was a total shock. The 14-year-old went from being very active to very sick. Mackenzie had dilated cardiomyopathy, which can go undiagnosed during the teen years. She became legendary as our 500th heart transplant recipient.

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Isaac’s new heart, Kayano’s new kidney, and Miranda’s new liver and heart opened whole new worlds of possibility to them. Their stories are unique, but each one demonstrates the transformative power of organ transplantation.

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organ donation

One heroic donor’s organs saved the lives of four young Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford patients on just two consecutive days in March. Across the nation, donors, both living and deceased, make tens of thousands of organ transplants possible each year. 

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Dr. Esquivel

A monthly record of transplants, made possible by extraordinary donor families as well as the Transplant Center’s embrace of the world’s most acute cases, prompted an article in the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The SVBJ piece describes the ascent of the center to the nation’s best and profiles the Division of Transplantation’s chief, Carlos Esquivel, MD, and two amazing transplant patients.  

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Transplant Camp

Transplant Camp

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford’s 22nd annual Solid Organ Transplant Summer Camp hosted 50 children who are alive today because they received a heart, liver, lung, or kidney transplant. At camp, children can enjoy swimming, crafts, scavenger hunts, sports, campfires, and more, all under the protective care of specially trained nurses. At transplant camp, being just a kid comes first and being a transplant kid comes second.

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Transplant Camp

The 50 campers heading to St. Dorothy’s Rest camp in Meeker, California, are living, laughing proof that organ donation saves lives. Each of them lives with a transplanted heart, liver, lung, or kidney; it is a treat and a relief for them to have a week of fun just hanging out and adventuring with people who’ve had similar transformative experiences. 

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