Advanced diagnosis and treatment for the entire spectrum of pediatric hearing disorders

Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive medical services for the entire spectrum of hearing conditions in newborns, infants and children

Children's Hearing Center

The Children’s Hearing Center at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford provides a full range of services for children from birth to age 21 with hearing problems. We evaluate, diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of hearing conditions in newborns, infants and children.

The Children’s Hearing Center provides all of the hearing-related services and products your child may need:

Multidisciplinary, family-centered care

Due to the complex nature of hearing loss in children, our services are provided by a team of pediatric specialists. Our care extends beyond diagnosis and treatment of your child’s hearing loss. It also includes identifying other health problems that may exist, and identifying other family members at risk for hearing loss.

Our team takes a family-centered approach to caring for your child. We work closely with you to provide the hearing-related care that you and your child desire.


Most children see one of our pediatric audiologists as the first step in diagnosing a hearing condition. Our audiologists are specially trained to assess hearing conditions in infants and children.

The audiologist will perform a comprehensive series of tests to better understand your child’s hearing. The Children’s Hearing Center team reviews the results of those tests to recommend further medical testing if needed and/or determine the most appropriate treatment for the hearing loss.


Our highly-skilled pediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons can provide a full range of treatment options, from ear tube placement to cochlear implantation. These doctors have all had specialized training to perform pediatric ear surgery. They are also faculty members in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Stanford University.

Ongoing support and monitoring

We work with you and your family to make sure that you understand the information about your child’s hearing loss and the treatment, educational and communication choices that are available for your child.

Throughout your child’s life, we partner with your family and your child’s primary care provider and educators to monitor your child’s progress.