Nutrition Services Care Team

Sujata Anantharaman, MS, RD, CSP

Dr. Anantharaman is a board certified specialist in Pediatric Nutrition.

Areas of expertise:Aerodigestive and airway reconstruction

Kathryn Attema, RD

Areas of expertise:Nephrology, kidney transplant, rheumatology

Amanda Aufdermauer, MS, RD

Areas of expertise:Hematology, neurology, keto

Nancy Baugh, RD

Areas of expertise:Metabolic services

Yvette Cattalini, RD

Areas of expertise:Diabetes

Elizabeth Cotter, RD

Areas of expertise:Bariatric surgery

Jocelyn Fry, RD

Areas of expertise:Stem cell transplant

Olivia Mayer, RD

Areas of expertise:NICU, PICN

Catherine McAndrews, RD

Areas of expertise:General pediatrics, PICU

Lorraine Mulvihill, RD

Areas of expertise:Eating disorders

Monica Nevitt, RD

Areas of expertise:PICU, general surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, stem cell

Temitope Pedro, RD

Areas of expertise:Pulmonary

Padma Ramakrishnan, RD

Areas of expertise:Endocrinology, diabetes, gastrointestinal

Katie Rappolt, MS, RD

Dr. Rappolt is a registered dietician.

Areas of expertise:Kidney transplant, general nephrology, dialysis

Lisa Marie Schultz, RD

Areas of expertise:Cardiovascular intensive care

Grace Voorheis, RD

Clinical Dietitian III

Areas of expertise:General pediatrics

Tanya Wapensky, MS, RD

Areas of expertise:PICU, orthopedics, trauma, small bowel and liver transplant