Faster, Higher-Quality Knee and Ankle MRI

When your child needs an MRI, that experience should be as fast and easy as possible, while producing the best possible information to inform diagnosis and treatment decisions. At our outpatient MRI Center in Palo Alto (732 Welch Road), we use custom technology to collect high-resolution 4D images of the knee and ankle in one-third of the time of a traditional MRI.

These images are more detailed, which leads to more accurate diagnoses; cost less; and require your child to spend less time in an MRI machine. MRIs are interpreted by dedicated pediatric musculoskeletal radiologists with focused experience in teen and preteen athletes.

Before getting this type of MRI, your child should have a suspected diagnosis of:

If your child already has a suspected or known diagnosis, please call (650) 497-8376 to schedule a same-day MRI appointment. Your child’s doctor will also need to fax a referral form to (650) 724-2663 or submit the referral via MD Portal.

If your child doesn’t have a suspected or known diagnosis, he or she can be seen at the Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center for an evaluation and then get an MRI immediately after. To make an appointment at the Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center for an evaluation, please call (844) 41-ORTHO.