Refer a Patient

A physician referral is required for all Sleep Center assessments. Children in need of emergency assessment can be accommodated after discussion with the referring provider.

For more information, please call us at (844) 440-0670 or download this referral request form (PDF). Please fax the completed form to (650) 721-2884.

What to ask and when to refer

Pediatric sleep disorders are more common than many people realize and can have a profound negative impact on a child’s life. Asking the right questions can help ensure that your patients—and their parents—are getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders we see, and research has shown than up to 4% of children may have it.

Sleep apnea symptoms


  • Habitual snoring with labored breathing. Snoring, especially habitual snoring (more than three nights per week), is not common among children and could point to an underlying sleep disorder.
  • Restless sleep, night terrors, bed-wetting.
  • Observed apnea during sleep (pauses in breathing).
  • Daytime neurobehavioral abnormalities or sleepiness during the day, including trouble focusing at school or falling asleep in class.

Physical exam:

  • Poor growth.
  • Signs of nasal congestion, adenoidal facies, enlarged tonsils.
  • Increased pulmonic component of second heart sound.
  • Importantly, patient may have no abnormalities on examination.

Patients with a history of any of the following conditions are also more likely to have sleep apnea:

Patients with any of the symptoms described above, especially those with a history of a related condition, should be referred to a sleep specialist. A sleep specialist will meet with the patient and family and decide on the appropriate diagnostic process, which may include a polysomnogram.

To refer a patient for an appointment with one of our sleep specialists, please call (844) 440-0670.

Patients are scheduled for their first visit and polysomnogram, if needed, within two weeks. We also provide polysomnogram reports to the referring provider and family in two weeks. We can accommodate more urgent requests within 48 hours 95% of the time. We preapprove patients for polysomnograms, and they are covered by Medicaid and many other insurance providers.