Cristina Candido-Vitto, MD

  • Cristina Candido-Vitto
  • “My goal is to help improve the quality of each child's life.”

I see pediatric patients with a wide range of conditions including diabetes, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, early puberty, vitamin D deficiency and calcium abnormalities, pituitary and adrenal problems and other endocrine disorders.

In pediatric endocrinology we work with hormone problems, which have a profound effect on a child's life. For example, children with diabetes experience an intrusion into their daily activities. Knowing they have full support from their doctor and entire medical team makes a big difference. It feels very rewarding to play a positive role in a child's life.

Diabetes is very dynamic; there's always something new in the field. It's constantly evolving, and there has been a lot of research in the field in the last decades. There's a constant search for a cure for diabetes. Many new technologies are emerging that will help children's lives be easier. My goal is to help improve the quality of each child's life.



Trabajo y Educación

Formación Profesional

University of the East, Quezon City, Philippines, 4/14/2000


St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY, 6/30/2004


St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY, 6/30/2006


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 6/30/2009

Certificaciones Médicas

Pediatric Endocrinology, American Board of Pediatrics