Sadie Hannah, NP

  • Sadie Hannah



Trabajo y Educación

Formación Profesional

MS, UCSF School Of Nursing, San Francisco, CA, 2008

BSN, Sonoma State University, Sonoma, CA, 2005

Certificaciones Médicas

Registered Nurse, 2005

Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care, 2009

Intereses de investigación

Pediatric leukemias

Pediatric palliative care


Carson, D., Berquist, S.W., Trujillo, T. H., Garner, J.P., Hannah, S, et al. Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma oxytocin concentrations are positively correlated and are predictive biomarkers of trait anxiety in humans. Molecular Psychiatry advance online publication 4 November 2014

Arginine vasopressin is a blood-based biomarker of social functioning in children with autism. Accepted June 24, 2015 and awaiting publication by PLOS ONE.