Neuromuscular Care Team

Our dedicated team of neuromuscular care experts works together to provide innovative, comprehensive and compassionate care to ensure that children can experience life to their fullest potential.

This team includes:

  • John Day, MD, PhD - Neurologist
  • Crystal M. Proud, MD - Pediatric Neuromuscular Fellow
  • Carolina Tesi Rocha, MD - Neurologist
  • Karolina Watson, MS, PNP-BC, CNS-BC
  • Carly Siskind, MS, LCGC - Senior Genetic Counselor, Assistant Clinical Professor-Associated
  • Michileen Oberst, LCSW - Advanced License Clinical Social Worker
  • Jennifer Fisher - Community Outreach Liaison
  • Tina Duong, MPT - Physical Therapist
  • Richard Gee, MPT - Physical Therapist
  • Judy Henderson, MA, CCC-SLP - Speech & Language Pathologist
  • Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe, OTR/L - Occupational Therapist
  • Kristina Zekos-Ortiz, RRT, AE-C - Respiratory Therapist
  • Katharine Hagerman, PhD - Research Associate
  • Shirley Paulose, MS - Research Assistant
  • Karolina Watson - Nurse Practitioner