• Jean W Yuan
  • “I partner with families every step of the way.”

I became a pediatrician because I love helping people and I really love working with kids. In high school, I did a variety of volunteer work, including helping pediatric patients. I found that the connection of working with families really drew me in and inspired me to become a doctor.

I love having kids as my patients because they bring so much energy with them, and they are so resilient. I feel so grateful that I get to work with whole families and help them navigate both normal and challenging situations.

I support families wherever they are and partner with them every step of the way. I take a preventative approach to providing care, using medicine as little as possible and treating each child as a whole person. I treat every aspect of a child's being, not just their physical health. I want families to know that I value partnership more than anything, and I'm here to be part of their team.



Trabajo y Educación

Formación Profesional

Albert Einstein College of Med, 2002


Mt Sinai Hospital, 2005

Certificaciones Médicas

Pediatrics, American Board of Pediatrics