Jesspreet Gowan, MD

  • Jesspreet Kaur Basi
  • “I want parents to know that their child is my priority.”

I always wanted to be a pediatrician. I worked in research both during and after college, and I really missed the human interaction of medicine. I knew I wanted to develop relationships with patients. In medical school, students go through various rotations, and the one I was happiest in was pediatrics. Kids are so resilient and fun, and it's a true privilege to be entrusted with the care of a child.

The best way I can describe my job it is that it's fun. Each kid is an individual, and it's such a joy to go into a room and see how a child has changed over time.

My approach to care is based on my belief that the center of any great relationship is effective communication. I work hand-in-hand with parents to create the best care plan for their children. I want parents to know that their children are my priority. Even when they aren't there in the room, their health is always on my mind.

Trabajo y Educación

Formación Profesional

Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC, 5/20/2012


UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, 6/30/2015

Certificaciones Médicas

Pediatrics, American Board of Pediatrics