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Andrew Liu,  MD

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You will see  Andrew Liu,  MD  availability for online scheduling of each appointment type

Follow up Visit- OB-GYN

OB Follow up

New Patient-Well Woman

New patient Well women exam (Annual Pap/Smear / GYN Exam, Well Women's Exam, Annual Physical (New))

New Patient -First OB

New patient New prenatal visit

Office Visit

Office visit - other (Existing)

Well Woman Exam

Annual Pap/Smear / GYN Exam, Well Women's Exam, Annual Physical (Existing)

First OB Visit

Established New prenatal visit,Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Delivery (Existing)

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Contraception- IUD( Mirena, Paragard & Skyla)

New Patient-OV

New patient office visit


Contraception- Nexplanon