Planning for your Child’s Comfort: The Day of the Procedure or Surgery

You are here today for your child’s procedure. No one knows your child as well as you, and we would love to learn more about what you think will help your child cope with this experience. If your child has a particular toy, blanket, or other object that helps him/her feel better in uncomfortable situations, let us know!

You will soon meet your pediatric anesthesia team. The anesthesia team will review with you the plan for pain control during the procedure in the operating room and immediately afterward while in the recovery room. Some pain or discomfort is expected after a procedure or surgery. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s pain control plan, please talk with us about it.  It is important to us that you understand and feel comfortable with the plan.

Some children may have an IV placed prior to going to sleep.  Your anesthesiologist will explain why this may be necessary and can explain different options to help control the discomfort of having an IV placed.

Questions to ask your pediatric anesthesiologist today include:

  • What type of medicine will you use to control my child’s pain today?
  • Are there other ways to control pain besides medicine by mouth or through an IV (such as a regional block, caudal, or epidural)?
  • What are the risks of anesthesia?
  • Can I stay with my child until he/she goes to sleep?
  • How much pain will my child have when he/she wakes up?