What to bring checklist

Arriving prepared can make things go smoothly for you and your child on the day of your procedure or surgery. Some things you may need are listed below. Don’t forget items that will help you and your child feel relaxed and comfortable during your stay.

What to Bring: Checklist for Parents

  • Valid photo identification
  • Insurance information and your/your child’s insurance card(s)
  • List of your child’s medications and doses
  • Any orders or paperwork you may have received from a health care provider
  • Your list of questions about the procedure or surgery
  • Home medications for before or after the procedure
  • If you would like to authorize a family member or friend to bring your child to their appointment, please complete this form and bring it with you.

What to Bring: Checklist for Children

  • A book or toy to play with
  • A music or game player and headphones
  • A favorite pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal