• Chen Chen
  • “My first step is to understand the family's values and priorities.”

The most fulfilling and rewarding aspect of my work has been forming long-term relationships with my patients and their families. I find children are incredibly resilient, and I feel privileged to be part of their journey.

I love seeing the kids smile and feel happy when they are healthy. But eventually, even healthy kids get sick. My background includes special training in hospital-based pediatrics, so I have a lot of experience with caring for sicker children. This expertise helps me distinguish between cases where we can wait and observe versus those requiring immediate attention. Waiting can be challenging in pediatrics, but having a hospital-based perspective allows me to anticipate their trajectory and find the best way to help them feel better.

Medicine is rarely black and white, so its essential to find solutions that work for each unique family. When I start working with a family, my first step is to understand the family's values and priorities. I then collaborate with them in an evidence-based manner to find the best path forward. It's not just about caring for the child but also supporting the caregivers because, in the end, they know their kids best.



Work and Education

Professional Education

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, 06/30/2015


Yale New Haven Hospital Pediatric Residency, New Haven, CT, 06/30/2018


Stanford Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship, Palo Alto, CA, 06/30/2020

Board Certifications

Pediatric Hospital Medicine, American Board of Pediatrics

Pediatrics, American Board of Pediatrics