Lisa Patel, MD

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Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, 05/26/2011


UCSF Pediatric Residency, San Francisco, CA, 06/30/2014

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Pediatrics, American Board of Pediatrics

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A model for comprehensive climate and medical education Lancet Planetary Health Jowell, A., Lachenauer, A., Lu, J., Maines, B., Patel, L., et al 2023


Microplastics are plastic particles <5mm in diameter. Since the 1950s, there has been an exponential increase in the production of plastics. As of 2015, it is estimated that approximately 6300 million metric tons of plastic waste had been generated of which 79% has accumulated in landfills or the natural environment. Further, it is estimated that if current trends continue, roughly 12,000 million metric tons of plastic waste will accumulate by 2050. Plastics and microplastics are now found ubiquitously-in the air, water, and soil. Microplastics are small enough to enter the tissues of plants and animals and have been detected in human lungs, stools, placentas, and blood. Their presence in human tissues and the food chain is a cause for concern. While direct clinical evidence or epidemiological studies on the adverse effects of microplastic on human health are lacking, in vitro cellular and tissue studies and in vivo animal studies suggest potential adverse effects. With the ever-increasing presence of plastic waste in our environment, it is critical to understand their effects on our environment and on human health. The use of plastic additives, many of which have known toxic effects are also of concern. This review provides a brief overview of microplastics and the extent of the microplastic problem. There have been a few inroads in regulating plastics but currently these are insufficient to adequately mitigate plastic pollution. We also review recent advances in microplastic testing methodologies, which should support management and regulation of plastic wastes. Significant efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics are needed at the individual, community, national, and international levels to meet the challenge. In particular, significant reductions in plastic production must occur to curb the impacts of plastic on human and worldwide health, given the fact that plastic is not truly recyclable.

View details for DOI 10.1016/j.envpol.2022.120442

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Characterization and regulation of microplastic pollution for protecting planetary and human health. Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) Jung, Y. S., Sampath, V., Prunicki, M., Aguilera, J., Allen, H., LaBeaud, D., Veidis, E., Barry, M., Erny, B., Patel, L., Akdis, C., Akdis, M., Nadeau, K. 2022: 120442


Health care generates a lot of waste that enters landfills, oceans, and incinerators and adversely affects the health of persons and communities close to waste processing and disposal areas. This article considers the nature and scope of individuals' and organizations' disposal responsibilities and discusses personal protective equipment use and waste during the COVID-19 pandemic.

View details for DOI 10.1001/amajethics.2022.980

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How Should We Better Manage Human and Planetary Health in a Next Pandemic? AMA journal of ethics Patel, L., Lichter, K. E. 2022; 24 (10): E980-985

View details for DOI 10.1056/CAT.21.0454

Climate Change and Extreme Heat Events: How Health Systems Should Prepare New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst Patel, L., Conlon, K., et al 2022
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Integrating climate change education into board certification for pediatricians: A model for other specialties Journal of Climate and Health Patel, L., Byron, L., Maher, K. 2022
Organizing to advance equitable climate and health solutions: The medical society consortium on climate and health Journal of Climate and health Sarfaty, M., Duritz, N., Gould, R., Mitchell, M., Patel, L., et al 2022
Air Pollution as a Social and Structural Determinant of Health Journal of Climate Change and Health Patel, L., et al 2021
COVID-19 Solutions Are Climate Solutions: Lessons From Reusable Gowns Frontiers in Public Health Baker, N. M., Bromley-Dulfano, R., Chan, J., Gupta, A., Herman, L., Jain, N., Taylor, A. L., Lu, J., Pannu, J., Patel, L., Prunicki, M. 2020