Medical Staff Training Modules

Training is required to be completed before you are granted privileges. Please read about each module below to find out which you are required to complete.

  • Epic Training Modules
    * Training for Epic is required if you plan to access patient information at SHC. Please click below for instructions on how to access Epic training. (You must be applying for SHC membership to have access to Epic.)

Modules and Exams available on HealthStream

* The following modules/tests are available on the HealthStream website. Please read the entire list to ensure that you take all required modules.

* Please use a PC to complete the HealthStream modules. MACs are not supported.

* If you are experiencing problems with your HealthStream password, please contact the Medical Staff Office by calling (650) 725-6021.

  • QA/QI Modules
    * Both modules are required. Each module is followed by an exam that you must pass.
    • Stanford Medical - Med QA
    • Stanford Medical - MD QAII
  • HIPAA Modules
    * All five modules are required. Please take the modules in this order. (The modules with an asterisks are followed by an exam. You must pass the exams.)
    • Stanford Medical - HIPAA Security*
    • Stanford Medical - HIPAA Accounting of Disclosures
    • Stanford Medical - HIPAA Authorizations for Use and Disclosure
    • Stanford Medical - HIPAA Communications with Family Friends
    • Stanford Medical - HIPAA Minimum Necessary*

    • Additional Modules
      * All six modules are required.
      • Stanford Medical - Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection
      • Stanford Medical - Prevention of Flu
      • Stanford Medical - Rapid Regulatory Training (Environment of Care)
      • Stanford Medical - Respiratory Precautions
      • Stanford Medical - Illness and Impairment Recognition issues
      • Stanford Medical - Clinician - Restraints and Seclusion

    • Pain Management Assessment
      * The Pain Assessment module is required only if you are applying for LPCH Medical Staff membership.
      • Stanford Medicine Children's Health Physicians & Allied Health Professionals: Pain Management Assessment
      • Post Test: You must pass this test to complete the module.

    • Sedation
      * This exam is required if you need sedation privileges at Stanford Health Care or Stanford Medicine Children's Health. (Thereafter, this exam must be taken every 4 years.) As a refresher, you can review the optional training module below.
    • How to Access HealthStream
      • Login/Password: You have been provided your login and password by your credentialing coordinator. If you did not get one or if you have not been assigned the right modules please contact your credentialing coordinator.
      • Website: HealthStream

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