Developmental Consultation Programs

Young Childhood Program

The Young Childhood Program takes a holistic approach to evaluating infants, toddlers and children from birth through kindergarten age, in a wide range of developmental and behavioral domains. We take an interdisciplinary approach and integrate health information with developmental assessments, evaluation of social skills and consideration of environmental conditions. We assess children for delayed language, thinking, social or motor skills. We evaluate children whose parents or medical team are concerned about autism. We also assess children who have challenges with sleeping, eating, behavior, discipline or temperament.

Middle Childhood Program

The Middle Childhood Program assesses children in elementary and middle school up to age 13. We may evaluate children’s developmental strengths and weaknesses, learning progress, and social and emotional adjustment in their school, community, and family. Evaluations may require two separate visits. We may ask parents to come alone for one visit so that they can express their concerns without the child being present. We evaluate children with weak attention, problems with learning or intellectual functioning, anxiety, autism, and tic disorders such as Tourette syndrome. Many children have more than one of these issues.